About Us

Karnimata Cold Storage Limited was incorporated on 29th April 2011, with an authorized Capital of Rs. 1 Crore which was further increased to Rs. 8 crores. It has been engaged in the business of providing cold storage services for the storage of potatoes from March 2012.

The company has licensed storage capacity of 1,81,000 quintals which shall be increased by addition in the financial year 2013 – 14 by addition of further capacity for storage of 75,000 quintals of potato and is located at West Medinipur, West Bengal. Karnimata Cold Storage Limited is engaged in providing cold storage facility to local farmers and traders on rental basis. The facility is favorably located in the Jungle Mahal area in the district of West Medinipur, West Bengal, an area with high output of potato. There are around 70-80 cold storages operating in West Medinipur for storage of potato. The company commenced its commercial operations in March 2012. The project was setup with a total cost of around Rs. 8.75 crore, which was financed by a term loan of Rs. 6.00 crore and the balance through promoter's contribution. During the first year of its operation, i.e., FY 2011 – 12 the company achieved 88% of its storage capacity and in the second year, i.e., FY 2012 – 13 the company achieved 100% of its storage capacity. .